Chastney "Chaz" Conley

Chastney, artistically known as Chaz,  was born and raised in Southwest Detroit, Michigan. When she isn't spending  time with her three children, she spends time with her first love, Art.  Chaz has been involved in art for over 20 years. She attended Cass Technical High School where she majored in Arts and Crafts. Chaz transitioned to Eastern Michigan University where she received her Bachelor's of Science in Arts Management.


Chaz has always enjoyed taking  ordinary items, and making them into above average creations! She is a painter, a sculpture, a poet, as well as an art teacher. An art advocate at its finest, Chaz stays heavily involved in the community when it comes to bringing art to the youth, as well as interested adults. 


In 2010, she began to experiment with self employment as a tattoo artist. On top of that, she hosted mobile paint parties throughout the Metro Detroit Area. While being self employed, she always kept a "traditional job" for financial security. However, in October 2016, Chaz decided to make a leap of faith to pursue her goal of owning her art company. Being able to spend more time with her family, as well as being financially independent, she hasn't looked back since.  


"Coming from Southwest Detroit, my city inspires me. It is a melting pot for all  walks of life. To some, they may see a homeless person and look down on  them. Me, I like to know the story. There are so many unseen and unsung  artist in the city it's amazing. Knowing that there is a chance to bring  those creatives back to the surface is inspirational. Knowing that you  can have a career in a field that is free without bounds inspires me.  Knowing that my children have faith in everything I do inspires me. My motto is 'Every day, life is an artistic experience.', which is why I chose The Art of Life as the company name."                  

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