"No Star Is Without Arts" ™


*Culminating event for our youth artists who participated in the first NSIWA workshop.


The "No Star Is Without Arts"™ program was created to demonstrate how art is incorporated into everyday life. With social media on the rise, our youth are constantly in a virtual reality where they compare their lives to others and aspire to be like the celebrities. This program is structured using the  National Visual Art Standards to provide quality arts education while making connections to current trends and events. We also integrate core curriculum into each lesson, assisting student achievement and overall academic success. Our teaching artists meet the child where they are in their development level and adapt the lessons accordingly to ensure engagement and retention. We encourage student voice as well so that each experience is a collaborative effort. Upon completion, each child will understand that you cannot spell Star without Arts, hence you cannot be a star without Arts!

This program takes place during the academic day and adapts to your current schedule. We provide education ranging from one week to full year arts enrichment! Courses we provide are; Visual Arts, Music (Vocal and Introduction to Instruments), Drama and Photography. Contact us  today for more information on bringing the "No Star Is Without Arts"™ program to your school!

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